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Our price system was created to permit you to have a price that adjusts according to the range of your event and the number of people anticipated.

Here’s how our pricing works:

Our rates are established based on two different time periods:

Special Demand (S):  Weekday Evenings between 5-10pm and Weekends between 10am-5pm

Regular Demand (R):  All other hours outside of high demand Weekdays before 5pm Weekends after 5pm *(special events not included)

Studio 122, 124 et 126 – (R) 122, 124 et 126 – (S)
Répétition (0 à 5 pers) 18,50$/h + tx 37$/h + tx
Activité de groupe 32$/h + tx 37$/h + tx
Événement Spéciaux Variable Variable